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Garage Door Repairs- Serving Santa Clara

Your garage door is like any other item that uses mechanical parts to move in that it often malfunctions and needs to be serviced. At Pro Line Garage Doors, we perform an array of repair and replacement services. We are available 7 days a week to come to your home or business for evaluations and repair services. Knowledge is power in the garage door industry. Below is a list of garage door repairs that we can do for you today.

Garage Door Opener Repair

A garage door opener often experiences problems with the parts that work in collaboration. A repair job starts with looking at the opener to find out the present state of your garage door opener. We will assess all of the parts and once a thorough inspection is completed we will decide if a repair can be performed. If we see that the opener is beyond repair then we can help you with a replacement.

Spring Repair

A spring repair is not that hard to fix, but because of the torsion involved you should leave the heavy lifting to us. Your entire spring system is under stress at all times because the springs move up and down to thrust the door upward. This means that gravity can cause the springs to spring back at you which is dangerous.


A leaf spring bumper on your garage door works with the torsion system to distribute the right amount of tension to the drum’s cables. Each time your garage door slams to the ground quickly, your leaf spring bumper has to act to absorb the stress from the impact. Push down bumpers also work for the same reason. The type of bumper that you have will differ based on the type of door and the length of it.

Cable Replacement

Your garage door cables are always being wound up around your drums. We can look at the cables on each side and determine if one or both of them needs replacing. You cannot repair these cables as they can become frayed or snapped if they can no longer support the weight of the door that is required.

Bent, Misaligned, and Rusted Tracks

When your garage door track rusts, bends or gets knocked out of alignment, this signals big trouble for you. The track is a vital part of the entire garage door system so it should be replaced if it is deemed to be defective. Rust can make the track become much slower which in turn impacts the speed at which your garage door can raise and lower. Your best chance of rectifying the track problem is a replacement.

Broken or Bent Rollers

Your garage door rollers have to endure a lot of abuse as they work to roll the door up and down. If you roller is not doing its job then an adjustment is probably need. If this is not completed, then a misalignment of the garage door can take place.

Broken or Loose Hinges

Loose and broken hinges require a few fixes. The first is that you need to tighten the hinge if the screws are loose. If the hinge is broken then you will have to have the hinge removed so that an exact replica can be put into its place.


Your garage door drum can be found on the door’s tension shaft. The part can be found on the rollers and the door cables wind around them each time the door is used. Wear and tear can burn out a drum rather quickly. Replacement is the only option in this situation. Lubricating the drum is one way to maintain it so that it can operate properly.

Bearing Plates

A bearing plate activates the bars that make the garage door lift and fall. Garage doors have three plates and you should keep an eye out for signs of corrosion on them. The weight of the garage pushes on the bearing plates which can cause problems. If the bearing plates are not replaced then the entire garage door can suddenly fall because the plate will no longer function to keep it in place.

Trolley Carriage Replacement

Trolley carriages often fail when they move, but your garage door does not. It is important to remove the trolley carriage from the trolley so that a replacement can be performed quickly. Your garage door is large and weighs a great deal so you will want to leave the repair to us to protect yourself from any parts falling on you during the installation process.

Broken Sensor Eye

A broken sensor eye can knock your garage door off of its game. This is due to the fact that the primary function of the sensor eye is to be the sensor which activates the garage door opener. We can repair the sensor eye and check to make sure that it is yet again working in direct contact with your remote and garage door opener.

Emergency Services

Emergency services are a part of our arsenal of tools that you can use to ensure that your garage door always has the TLC that it deserves. Please feel free to call us because we know that you may feel that you do not want to inconvenience us, but we are here for you regardless of when you need us. We believe that serving our community is important so in an emergency you can use our company’s emergency services number and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Same Day Service

Our company has same day service. You can take comfort in our skilled technicians who go above and beyond the call of duty. They will work with you to ensure that your repair or replacement is performed according to your specifications. We do not cut corners when we work on our clients’ garage doors because we know that it can be dangerous to skimp on the quality of the repair job.

Section or Panel Replacement

Sections and panels may make your garage door look appealing, but they also help to ensure that it is structurally sound. If you have damaged a panel or door section then we can come out and completely remove it so that we can get a replacement panel installed the same day.

Weather Seal Replacement

If your weather seal is cracked or falling off from your garage door, then replacing it is important to do. Your garage door needs to be sealed properly when it is closed or animals, pests and water can come through the gaps and do damage to your garage. Weather seal replacement is a quick fix job that we can do. We first completely remove the entire weather seal from your garage door and replace it with a new one that is secured with industrial strength caulking.

Safety Eye Adjustment

Safety eyes are needed for every garage door. For example, if your door is going to fall and hit your car, then the safety eyes will start to lift the door back up to make sure that the object is not hit. This protects your car and your life from sustaining injuries. Safety eyes often need adjustments so that there is a straight line in which they can easily communicate with each other so that the garage door can have a direct path that is free of obstacles.


If your keypad on your garage door won’t turn on or will not activate your garage door then we can help you repair or replace it. Keypads can become defective for various reasons so we can troubleshoot it for you and give you a few scenarios to consider regarding how to address fixing the problem that is being caused.


Your garage door remote may look simple, but it has a big job to do so that the garage door opener works and triggers the door to open and shut. We can replace your remote batteries and replace the remote if other methods to repair the remote prove to be futile.


The torsion system has gears that help the door move properly. We can help to clean the gears if dirt and grime are causing them to malfunction. We can also tackle gear assembly replacements so that you have brand new gears that can improve the motion of your garage door.


The boards are designed to help with communication of tasks for your garage door. A fault in the logic board can make chaos ensue with your garage door. We will examine the control panel and track down a replacement logic board so that everything works correctly with your door.


The metal shaft keeps your garage door’s torsion springs in place. This allows the door to be properly thrust upward and downward. Shafts are solid or hollow depending on the manufacturer’s preference. We can replace them for you whenever necessary so that the spring system has the support required.


A coupling will activate your garage door screw drive so that it can operate within the motor head. Couplings and couplers will need replacing every few years so that they can work in unison.


Steel doors are the only type of garage doors that utilize slats. If one of the slats becomes crushed or damaged then we can come out with a mitre saw to remove it so that the door can roll up in the most efficient manner possible.

Our Repair Philosophy

Pro Line Garage Doors stands behind each and every repair service that our technicians work on. We appreciate your business and want you to feel like you can be a repeat customer that is proud of what we bring to the table. Garage doors cost thousands of dollars and we know that protecting your financial investment is crucial to you as a home or business owner. Garage door repairs do not take a lot of time, but they do require years of experience and know how. Our expert technicians are well-versed in repair knowledge so that you can begin to understand the inner workings of your particular garage door model’s framework.

If your garage door has multiple issues then please bring them up when you contact us so that we can make a list of probable repairs that we might need to perform for you. A loud door, a slow moving door, and a door that does not open are a few repairs that we can handle in just a few hours. Before you call us, please take some time out to write down your garage door’s basic information such as the length of the door, the type and the manufacturer. When we have this information, it can help with our diagnostic work so that we can begin to formulate theories on the issue that is occurring with your garage door.

When we start a repair job, we do an entire inspection of the garage door. This can allow us to gauge how well the garage door is holding up in its current state. We will also give you information relating to the issue that you have called us about. We will then assess the parts to see if any repairs can be done to salvage the components that are already there. If we cannot salvage anything, then we will notify you before moving on to replace the parts that are causing the malfunction to occur.

If you decide to buy parts from us to install on your garage door, then we will make sure that they are of the highest quality. We will never ask you to purchase parts that are not durable. We know that you are spending your hard earned money on these items so we will show you the best products that are currently on the market. We do work weekends so if you have a hectic schedule then you can call us on Saturdays and Sundays so that we can provide you with a great repair service for your garage door.